Filatro a calm bay with white pebbles and crystal water located 3km east of Vathy. Lush greenery surrounds this small beach, which is the closest organized beach to Vathy. This beach features sunbeds and is family-friendly. The warm, shallow crystalline waters are ideal mostly for children. The beach consists of white shiny pebbles where only a few tourist facilities are found. This beach is highly recommended for relaxing and a refreshing swim.


This is a calm pebbled beach with emerald waters and lush greenery around it creating a secluded cove. Skinos Beach is a long, narrow, and extremely calm beach, easily accessed within 2km from Vathy. The beach itself is strewn with shiny pebbles, both small and large. Skinos is reachable only by car. The road leading to the beach is incomplete at its last stretch, so careful driving is a priority.

The sea at Skinos Beach has crystal emerald green waters. The water and the rocky shoreline are superb for snorkeling activities. The landscape at Skinos is spectacular with cypresses bordering the beach. The beach is least known for its commercial culture, having no tourist amenities. It is advisable to carry the basic supplies of food and drinks when coming to this beach.


This isolated beach is accessed only by boat from the port of Vathy. Gidaki Beach consists of white shiny pebbles but no tourist facilities that would disturb this unspoiled environment providing the ultimate summer scenery. It is a paradise with its placid and crystal-clear waters coupled with a splendid backdrop. The beach is perfect for a cruise. The promising beach provides the best environment for relaxing and a unique swimming experience.


Dexa Beach is only 2 km far from Vathy and is situated on the right side of the port, north of the island. The beach offers naturally shaded areas for relaxing and is unique for its blue and transparent waters, ideal for both swimming and diving.


Sarakiniko Beach is situated about 3 km from Vathy. This beach boasts one of the most brilliant natural settings with lush green surroundings and emerald waters. It is very quiet and calm with a dazzling sea and a pebbly beach. Sarakiniko Beach has ample shade areas due to the cypresses and the olive trees that dot the landscape. Sunbathing on the pebbly surface is a common feature of this beach. You will notice the lack of tourist facilities preserving the natural beauty of Sarakiniko. It is ignored by most of the tourists but well-appreciated by nature lovers.

Sarakiniko Beach is very good for snorkeling due to the clear and transparent water. For the offbeat traveler seeking tranquility, Sarakiniko is an ideal destination. This beach hosts only a few facilities and close by there is a beach bar serving cold drinks. 


Polis Bay Beach situated in the north with a cantina, sunbeds, umbrellas and infamous beach manager Takis! Polis Bay is accessible by car/taxi.


Kioni Beach is situated just outside of the village of Kioni with a cantina and features good souvlaki. Kioni is accessible by car/taxi.


Afales Beach is situated in the north and is known as the party beach. Afales is accessible by car/taxi.


Aspro Gialos beach is situated underneath the village of Lefki and features white pebble beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. Aspro Gialos is accessible by car/taxi.


*Please note to pack water shoes or flip flops for the beaches as they are pebble beaches.


In the north, situated around a harbor, very pretty and lovely jewelry shops!


In the north, a small traditional fishing village with 3 three taverns.


In the north, the main village of the north, School of Homer/Odysseus’s Palace situated just outside, archaeological museum with artifacts dating to Odysseus’s time.


A mountain village with traditional kafenion and 15th Century church with original frescoes.


On top of Mt. Niritos, a non-functioning monastery, worth a visit for the icon and view.


Main town


A village situated above Vathy with spectacular views.