Thursday, September 14

Arrivals, possible low-key get together

Friday, September 15

Pre-nuptial Dinner

All guests are invited. We will provide a shuttle service to Myrtia. Please meet in Vathy Square across the street from Pireaus Bank.

Time is TBD | Attire: Resort Formal

Stavros 28301, Ithaca Greece 

Saturday, September 16

Wedding Ceremony

5:30pm | Attire: Resort Formal 

On the wedding day, please meet at the same location in Vathy Square across from Piraeus Bank to board the Albatros boat to Lazareto Island at 5:00pm.

Saint Sotiris Church
Lazaretto Island, Vathy Ithaca Greece

Vathy sits on a bay. Within that bay is a very small island called Lazaretto Island. On Lazaretto Island is Saint Sotiris Church. Guests will meet at a dock in Vathy where a boat will pick you up and take you to Lazaretto Island for the wedding ceremony.

Please be at the dock at 5:00pm to take a ferry to the church.

After the wedding ceremony, there will be a charter service that will take all the guests from the dock to the Chani Restaurant.  

Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing


Chani Restaurant
Eparchiaki Odos Kioniou | Pera Pigadiou, 28300 Greece
+30 694 248 7436

Sunday, September 17

Post Nuptial Brunch

The Kotsans will be having brunch the following day. Please feel free to stop by and say goodbye!

10:00am | Attire: Resort Casual

Avli – Café Bar
Geor, Drakouli, Ithaki 283 00, Greece